Karl must die

Undead minions
vampires and wights oh my

Kalareal’s dread minions, vampires wights and the like prove to be a challenge, but in the end no match

with their defeat nothing stands between the party and Kalareal

Hobgoblin defenses
broken through

the party faced and defeated Kalarel’s hobgoblin guards

Zombies and Spiders

The zombies failed to tunnel

the spider couldn’t lock things down forever

Karl part two

Lost in the wilderness the party finds themselves once more in the keep on the shadowfell, but this time the shadowfell has already been let loose.

Goblin Justice

Having finished up in the labyrinth, the party moved on to hunt down the Goblins who took the payroll so they could claim it as their own


Karl sold most the party as slaves, keeping only Saurel

The party ended up deap within thunderspire labyrinth where they defeated many foes and once again failed to stop an evil ritual.

Karl part one

Next the Party moved on to investigate the keep on the shadowfell, where they where defeated

the begining

The Adventurers started out as workers in a charcoal camp

The camp was attacked by goblins.

The party succeeded in banishing the goblins along with most the camp’s payroll gold.


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